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Ways to Donate to Help Students

College tuition hikes and decreasing financial aid have caused more and more students to apply to UNCF for assistance each year.

However, we can only support one out of every 10 students who applies. Therefore, nine out of 10 deserving, ambitious students have to be told “no.” Why? Because we do not have sufficient funds. These students are our future health professionals, social workers, teachers, government policy makers, and military men and women—they are the future prosperity of our nation. We must do more. And with your help we can.

UNCF offers a variety of convenient ways for you to give meaningful gifts that help students with fees, books, supplies, room and board and tuition. Please do as much as you can because “A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in.”®

Other Ways to Give

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Meet our Loyal Donors

A UNCF fellowship grant helped Dr. Marcia Halvorsen complete her doctoral degree while a faculty member at Spelman College.

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Justin Wants to Become Mayor of Detroit

What’s the return on your investment in Justin’s future?

The research is clear: college graduates earn more, live better lives and contribute more to local and global communities. When you invest in UNCF’s Better Futures® campaign, you do more than touch individual lives because every contribution ripples outward in what’s called “social return”—the positive impact of education on the entire world.

Think about it. Your one contribution has the potential to make a difference for millions—as well as for many deserving, talented young individuals.


Invest in Better Futures

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Many of our students start their college careers at a serious financial disadvantage as more than 60 percent come from families with annual incomes of less than $25,000. Make a symbolic gift to help talented UNCF students today. Your generous tax-deductible gift can help to encourage students who are pursuing their degrees.

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