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Wings Scholars Program in the News

The Undefeated: Jordan Brand’s Wings Scholars on the life-changing moment they received their full non-athletic scholarships (6/18/18)
On an early June day, as the academic calendar drew to a close and graduation neared, Cyrus Harden decided to leave school a little early. His plan: Change clothes and walk over to one of his part-time jobs to put in some extra hours. College was on the horizon for Harden, so he could certainly use some extra money. >> Read More

The Undefeated: Jordan Brand Is Giving Kids Full Rides To College—No Basketball Experience Needed (4/25/18)
Rozzie Cribbs never thought he’d make it to the promised land. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, the idea of being a full-time student on the campus of a four-year university was a seemingly unattainable goal. He hadn’t seen many kids like him ever reach it — and not for a lack of trying. For some, life circumstances simply dictated the mindset. “I wasn’t really thinking about college,” said Cribbs.  >> Read More

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