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UNCF: 75 Years of Lighting the Way to Better Futures

We’ve made a difference for almost a half million students since 1944.

UNCF was founded on April 25, 1944 and for 75 years, it has supported private HBCUs and hundreds of thousands of deserving students, and advocated for minority higher education.  As it marks this incredible milestone, UNCF will celebrate all year long at its fundraising events across the country.  We started with Martin Luther King Day celebrations in January and will close with our signature Atlanta Masked Ball in December.

Scheduled  Anniversary Events:

March 5, 2019
State of the HBCU Address  

Journalists, HBCU presidents, members of Congress, representatives of the federal executive branch and corporate industry representatives will convene on Capitol Hill to announce developments in government that affect HBCUs. UNCF’s Public Policy and Government Affairs department will roll out the HBCU Congressional Scorecard, a new tool that helps UNCF hold policymakers accountable for decisions that impact the HBCU community.  All 535 members of Congress will be graded. The scores will be available to the public on UNCF’s website. Visit UNCF.org/SOTHBCUAddress for details.

March 7, 2019
UNCF Anniversary Gala

UNCF will host the 75th Anniversary National A Mind Is… Gala, where we will remember our successes, honor our biggest supporters and launch the next 25 years. UNCF Member Presidents, its Board of Directors, Executive Leadership and a host of supporters and volunteers will be on hand to recognize those organizations that have supported UNCF from the very beginning, newer major donors and a very special group that has shown its support over and over again for the HBCU community. Visit UNCF.org/AnniversaryGala for details.

April 25, 2019

UNCF’s Official Birthday and a National Day of Giving

This one-day national online fundraising event will help promote UNCF and HBCUs and give supporters a way to donate and help support UNCF’s mission of helping students get to and through college. Details of the event will be provided soon.

Milestones are important. Ours are marked by lives that are positively changed.

• 450,000+ college graduates

• 60,000+ students attending college each year
• 37 member HBCUs supported
• 10,000 scholarships provided annually
• 400 educational programs




Help us make a difference for a half million more.

Your gift is important. During our special year-long celebration, please help us continue to light the way toward better futures for us all.



For more information about giving opportunities or UNCF 75th anniversary events, please contact us.

T:  202 810 0245 | F:  202 234 0224 | E:  UNCF75th@UNCF.org