Dillard University

Since 1869, Dillard University has been committed to providing students with a quality four-year liberal arts education. Dillard is a fully accredited private, historically black university. In 2010, U.S. News & World Report ranked Dillard among the nation’s Top 10 HBCUs, based on comprehensive undergraduate studies. Dillard also was awarded a Top 10 Ranking in 2010 for liberal arts schools in the social mobility category, by Washington Monthly.

Dillard University Facts

  • Dillard University adds 192 college graduates to the United States each year
  • Forty two percent of Dillard University graduates have jobs by the time they earn their diplomas 
  • Dillard University offers 21 degree programs and three types of academic degrees,  B.A., B.S., B.S.N., 
  • Dillard University has a 38 percentage six-year graduation rate 
  • 1,261 students were enrolled at Dillard University in the 2016-17 school year 
  • Dillard University has two signature programs—film and physics with 28 and 41 students enrolled in those majors


News and Events

Dillard University One of 12 UNCF-member HBCUs Selected to Participate in Walmart Foundation Grant Program
The $500,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation will provide funding and technical assistance to selected UNCF-member institutions. This grant will help these institutions with accreditation efforts and support a summer professional development conference geared toward institutional advancement. >> Read More 

Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough, My Statement: White House HBCU Event
(On Monday, February 27, UNCF and 32 of its 37 member-institution presidents participated in an unprecedented meeting in the Oval Office with President Donald J. Trump, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and other top administration leaders Monday afternoon to discuss areas of collaboration between the nation’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and the federal government. Here is Dr. Kimbrough's statement about the session.)

On Friday I learned that I was selected to give remarks today for the meeting at the White House with members of the Trump administration, most notably Secretary Betsy DeVos. We learned this weekend that there would be closing remarks by Vice President Pence, but the goal was for officials from a number of Federal agencies (about 5 were there including OMB) and Secretary DeVos to hear about HBCUs. >> Read More

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Dillard University Staff

I chose Dillard University, because it’s an HBCU that’s really big on tradition. Dillard has enhanced my education through the relationships that I’ve developed with its remarkable professors, who have transitioned in my mind from educators to mentors.

Kelsey Gates , Class of 2016