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Welcome to the UNCF Media Center, your source for press releases, public service announcements, videos and more. The media center offers a wide range of news-worthy items, including scheduled events, scholarships, awards and accomplishments.

UNCF was founded on April 25, 1944 and for 75 years, it has supported private HBCUs and hundreds of thousands of deserving students, and advocated for minority higher education. As it marks this incredible milestone, UNCF will celebrate all year long at its fundraising events across the country.  Visit UNCF.org/75th for details of our celebration, including a national day of giving.


UNCF’s “Protecting Our FUTURE” Campaign Urges Congress to Save HBCU Federal Funding


Visit UNCF.org/ProtectingOurFuture before Sept. 29 and contact your members of Congress

HBCUs Punching Above Their Weight, a research report released by UNCF, makes a strong case for a powerful proposition: Given their small average size and a history of being under-resourced, the enrollment, degree and economic impacts of HBCUs on African Americans in their respective states are significantly greater than one would expect.


Building a better narrative involves promoting the “urgency of now.”

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UNCF Annual Report, Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute reports; K-12 Advocacy reports and more