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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in.”® Why not invest your time or money in better futures for young people in Louisiana, Arkansas and around the country?

UNCF New Orleans is here to help you send a student to college and turn his or her life around.



UNCF Remembers Leah Chase

Mrs. Leah Chase, the James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and civil rights activist, died Saturday, June 1. She was 96 years old. The legendary Leah Chase played a major role in supporting education in the city of New Orleans, and worked with UNCF New Orleans for many years. She had an outstanding commitment to service to many and was an indispensable figure in the Civil Rights movement. >>Read More

Your Contributions Count

Students shared their stories at the 2019 Annual Mayor’s Masked Ball.

Did You Know?

UNCF New Orleans has three UNCF-member institutions in its service area:

It’s Coming…#LaceUp4UNCF!

Get ready—the 32nd annual New Orleans Walk for Education is scheduled for October 12, and you can register today! Visit UNCF.org/NewOrleansWalk and sign up to help area kids get to and through college!


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