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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in.”® Why not invest your time or money in better futures for young people in North Carolina and around the country?

UNCF Charlotte is here to help you send a student to college and turn his or her life around.



UNCF “Protecting Our FUTURE” Campaign

UNCF’s Federal Policy and Government Affairs Division has been working urgently to save a source of funding ($85 million/year) for HBCUs. The funding expires at the end of the month unless Congress acts.

We are just days away from HBCUs losing $85 million a year to educate our students. The program we are trying to protect and get funded is the Mandatory Title III/SAFRA funding—expiring Sept. 30, 2019. It’s easy to protect $85 million per year for HBCUs, let Congress know HBCUs matter—and to protect our FUTURE!

To help save this vital funding for HBCUs:

  1. Go to www.uncf.org/protectingourfuture
  2. Click “write your Member of Congress”
  3.  Fill out the blank fields and click “next”
  4.  Click “submit.” The pre-written letter will be sent to your U.S. Representative and both of your U.S. Senators.

Want to volunteer for a formal event or a noontime luncheon with community leaders? If you’ve got the time and are interested in getting behind UNCF, we’d be very happy to hear from you. Is a child you know looking for the right college? Can you contribute to keeping student aid available and academic programs strong at UNCF-member colleges or universities? UNCF Charlotte will make the connection. Contact us today to learn how you can help.

Five UNCF-member institutions are located in the UNCF Charlotte area:

Charlotte-Supported HBCUs Punch Above their Weight

The UNCF research report HBCUs Punching Above Their Weight makes a strong case for a powerful proposition: Given their small average size and a history of being under-resourced, the enrollment, degree and economic impacts of HBCUs on African Americans in their respective states are significantly greater than one would expect. >> Read More at UNCF.org/PATW.

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UNCF Charlotte Mayor’s Masked Ball is about more than just a good time.

UNCF Charlotte held its annual fundraiser on Saturday, March 9, 2019. With both the current mayor and former Mayor Anthony Foxx in attendance, with Secretary Foxx receiving the Masked Award, along with UNCF board member and Bank of America executive Laurie Readhead and singer Anthony Hamilton, the evening was a great success, raising much-needed support for area students and HBCUs. JCSU and the Bennett College’s presidents were also on hand.


Scenes from the 2018 UNCF Maya Angelou Women Who Lead Luncheon

(photos by Keyna B – Organic Imagery)


Messages from the 2019 UNCF Masked Ball Honorees

This award is bestowed upon those who have served as beacons of hope, who support the UNCF mission of providing educational opportunities, and who keep the doorway of opportunity wide open for deserving African American youth.
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