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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in.”® Why not invest your time or money in better futures for young people in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and around the country?

UNCF Boston is here to help you send a student to college and turn his or her life around. Located in the South End, UNCF Boston is charged with raising funds to support UNCF’s mission of getting highly motivated deserving students to and through college at UNCF-member institutions and more than 1,100 colleges and universities across the country.

Want to volunteer for a formal event or a noontime luncheon with community leaders? If you’ve got the time and are interested in getting behind UNCF, we’d be very happy to hear from you. Is a child you know looking for the right college? Can you contribute to keeping student aid available and academic programs strong at UNCF-member colleges or universities? UNCF Boston will make the connection. Contact us today to learn how you can help.

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Did You Know?

Each year, UNCF receives over 2,170 applications from New England area students needing financial assistance. More than 1,660 New England students are supported by all of UNCF scholarship programs.

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UNCF Boston Staff


UNCF New England Leadership Council

“I support UNCF because I am inspired by students who work hard to attend and graduate from college.”

Justin Bullion
, 2015-current
Managing Principal, Payden and Rygel

“Today, a college degree is the entry-level requirement for almost every fast-growing job and career.  With a college education more important than ever—but more expensive than ever—our young people and the country need UNCF to do what it does best:  help make sure everyone has an opportunity for a college degree, regardless of economic status.”

Gary Morton, MBA, MSM, DBA CAND
Co-Chair, 2015-current

Director, Give with Liberty Mutual


  • Farrah Belizaire, Manager of Diversity & Inclusion, Boston University School of Medicine, Division of Graduate Medical Sciences and Founder & Managing Director of Litework Events
  • Shavon Bell, Principal Executive Search, Koya Leadership Partners
  • Anthony Berry, Director of Admissions, Trinity College
  • Dick Dakessian, Regional Director, CVS Pharmacy Area 1 Region 2, CVS Health
  • Charles F. Desmond, Ed.D., CEO, Inversant
  • Lucyus Fevrier, Web Producer/Interactive Designer, Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services
  • Sharra Gaston, Housing Policy Manger, Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Keon T. Holmes, CFA, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates
  • Stanley O. King, II, Vice President of Corporate Development, Emulate, Inc.
  • Demetriouse Russell, Founder and  Managing Partner, Venn Diagram Partners LLC
  • Jacquetta Van Zandt, Senior Advisor of External Relations, City of Framingham, Mayor’s Office
  • Christopher West, Motivational Speaker, CWest Speak
In the middle of the semester, when I was told I had an unpaid balance on my account and I knew there was no way for me to pay it off, UNCF saved my education and my future. For that, I am forever grateful to the dedicated and loving UNCF staff in Boston.

Meggie Noel , UNCF Boston scholar and Spelman College student