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Institute for Capacity Building

Who We Are and What We Do

When college administrators need to improve their student retention, they come to the UNCF Institute for Capacity Building (ICB) for an enrollment management program. When faced with budget shortfalls, they turn to ICB for guidance. Schools launching capital campaigns turn to ICB for consulting help.

ICB was launched by UNCF in 2006 to provide targeted capacity-building resources to help UNCF’s 37 member institutions improve admission, retention and graduation rates. ICB’s work focuses on three areas critical to HBCU success:  enrollment management, institutional advancement and fiscal and strategic technical assistance.

Call for Proposals

The Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute Research Symposium “For Us By Us (F.U.B.U.): The HBCU Effect”

The purpose of the one-day pre-convening is to facilitate the delivery of research, knowledge and best practices from academics and experts in the higher education field. Specifically, we want to highlight the voices of HBCU scholars and advocates. Proposals which present cross-institutional/organizational collaboration, workforce intersections, and/or entertain issues of marginalization and inclusion, representation, hierarchies of privilege (e.g., race, social class, ability, assigned sex, gender identity and expression, sexuality, religion/spirituality/faith, and global/transnational) are encouraged. Click here to download full details.

Submit All Proposal Materials to CAREER.PATHWAYS@UNCF.ORG  by Friday, March 6, 2020

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UNCF is the nation's largest and most effective minority education organization, providing resources and support to enable more than 450,000 students to earn college degrees over more than 70 years.

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A Model for Success

A holistic approach to recruiting and retaining students

Institutions that want to stay competitive—and be the first choice for potential students and their parents—must focus on how they recruit those students and the environment they create to retain them. This report shows how strategic enrollment management, properly designed and executed, can be a catalyst for transforming American higher education.

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College is more expensive than ever, yet federal student financial aid has failed to keep pace. Please help fill the gap so more African American students can successfully get to and through college.

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