UNCF College Account Program


The UNCF College Account Program (UCAP) is an innovative initiative that helps low-income students and families go to and through college by empowering them to overcome academic and financial obstacles. UCAP focuses especially on helping families save for college expenses, fostering the engagement with college planning that research has shown accompanies the establishment of college accounts.

UCAP offers a comprehensive suite of academic, financial and social supports, which include incentive-based college savings accounts and merit-based college scholarships. In addition, the program can include financial literacy education and college readiness training that will follow students from the sixth grade through to college graduation.

The inaugural UCAP program, the KIPP College Account Program (KCA) is based on a partnership between UNCF and the KIPP network of public charter schools—each a leader in its field—and funded by the Citi Foundation. The program, now in its fourth year, serves students attending 29 KIPP middle and high schools in Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Houston.

Since the inception of the program, KCA has enrolled over 5,000 students. In addition, competitive college scholarships of up to $12,500 over five years are available for eligible high school seniors. Based on the program’s proven success, UNCF is looking to expand the program to other school networks and educational organizations that have expressed an interest in participating.

HBCU Facts
  • The first HBCU, Cheney University in Pennsylvania, was founded in 1837. All HBCUs play a critical role in the American higher education system.