The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and its 37 member colleges and universities are committed to providing access to quality education. A quality education includes the support and attention of knowledgeable, experienced professors.

Since learning is a lifetime commitment, UNCF offers several faculty development programs for professors at UNCF member colleges and universities. These programs provide opportunities for UNCF professors to continue their development through furthering their research & training, pursuing advanced degrees and improving their curricula and teaching skills.

UNCF currently offers the following professional development programs:

  • Henry C. McBay Research Fellowship

    Designed to provide doctorate level UNCF faculty support to conduct research critical to their disciplines and their own professional development.

  • Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Program

    Established to assist UNCF institutions in attracting, strengthening and retraining faculty in the social sciences and humanities through professional development and
    career enhancement initiatives.

1. The Faculty Doctoral Fellowship

The program provides financial support to faculty to complete their dissertation in Mellon –designated fields of study.

2. The Faculty International Summer Seminar

The seminar creates an opportunity for UNCF faculty to enhance their scholarship in an international setting.

3. Faculty Teaching and Learning Summer Institutes

The Learning Institutes allows participating UNCF junior and senior faculty an opportunity to focus on issues related to teaching and learning

4. Faculty Residency Program

The Faculty Residency Program enables faculty members to participate in semester residency programs at major universities, laboratories or field stations and/or research centers.

5. Faculty Enhancement Mini-Grants

Institutions are invited to submit grant proposals to assist in strengthening, orienting, and advancing the professional development of junior faculty.

  • Ford/UNCF Service Learning Network

    Funded by the Ford Foundation, with a four-year, $1.4 million grant. The program is designed to expand and enhance the culture of service through comprehensive professional development activities at UNCF member institutions.

  • Annenburg/UNCF HBCU School Linkage Program

    Funded by The Annenberg Foundation, with a three-year, $2 million grant. The program provides direct grant support to selected, eligible UNCF member institutions to improve and strengthen the recruitment and retention of minority students interested in pursuing a career in teaching.

For any further information on the faculty programs, please contact the UNCF Scholarships and Grants Department at 1-800-331-2244.