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Institute Publications
Recent Research & Reports
Archived Research & Reports
Archived Research & Reports
United Negro College Fund Statistical Report
The Institute's annual profile of UNCF member colleges and universities provides detailed information about trends in enrollment, admissions, degrees awarded, faculty and staff, student financial aid, college costs, and institutional finances.
The African American Education Data Book: Volumes I, II, III
The Data Books are the first-ever comprehensive compilation of statistics on the status, performance, and progress of African Americans in education from preschool to the post-graduate level, as well as the transitions from school to college and school to work.
Just the Facts Series, Issue Numbers 1 and 2
This booklet provides up-to-date and vital statistics in the form of several charts and graphs tracking the progress of African Americans in higher education. The first issue features essays by Dr. Claude Steele of Stanford University and then president of The College Board, Dr. Donald Stewart on "Race, Testing, and College Admissions." The second issue features essays by Dr. Antoine Garibaldi, former Provost of Howard University, and Dr. Bernard Watson of Temple University on two critical topics in postsecondary education.
Two Decades of Progress: African Americans Moving Forward in Higher Education
This report presents the current status and condition of African Americans in higher education overall in the nation, in each of four regions and at various types of colleges and universities. Like other publications from the Patterson Research Institute, Two Decades of Progress presents "only the facts" and reserves inferences and implications to be drawn by policymakers, educators, and other readers.
Review of African American Education
The inaugural issue of this peer-review journal features the scholarly work of five invited authors who address the issues of student access to college, preparation for college and success in college, and outcomes and achievements related to various levels of education.
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