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The Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute is the nation's foremost research organization focusing on the educational status of African Americans from preschool to and through college. The Institute is committed to understanding and expanding the pathways that lead to educational attainment.
The U.S. educational system is challenged in its ability to provide quality education for students of diverse backgrounds. Intellectual abilities and viable opportunities must be maximized to produce the highest academic outcomes and the economic stability and social mobility that will follow those outcomes. Researchers, policymakers and practitioners across multiple disciplines must begin to pay close attention to the ongoing issues that affect African Americans and other minorities and their ability to experience success in educational settings.
Using varied research methods, the Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute serves to positively impact public policy and improve local practice for African Americans and other minority populations in education. To the extent that we succeed in our efforts, we will have made significant progress toward promoting educational attainment and social progress for all of society.

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